Peer Review Process

Each article is reviewed by at least three reviewers who are chosen from our panel of experts in their respective fields. MyJIEAS utilizes Open Journal System OJS for paper submission and for tracking the progress of a submitted article.

Once submitted, author may expect result of the first review in 3 to 4 weeks time. After the article has been reviewed, an official review is created. Reviewers will then make proper recommendations regarding the publication of the article based on the following categories:

  • Accept submission:

The article is accepted for publication by the MyJIEAS. Minimal revisions are required by the author to ensure that the article is ready for publication.

  • Revisions required:

The article is accepted for publication by the MyJIEAS, but the author must first address several issues regarding its content and / or structure before it is ready for publication.

  • Resubmit for review:

The article needs substantial revision of its content and / or its structure and the article cannot be accepted for publication presently. However, because the article shows   promise, the author should revise the entry and then resubmit it to the MyJIEAS for consideration*.

  • Decline submission:

The article is not accepted for publication. The article’s purpose, content, and / or use of research are not appropriate for the MyJIEAS.